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Without these fine people, companies, & friends Park city would be a little less crusty


Park City would be a little less Crusty




Central Milling is the oldest continuously operating company in the State of Utah which has provided the finest quality flour and grains to homes and bakeries across the country since 1867. Even though we have nearly 150 years of milling experience under our belt, we are constantly learning about what our customers need, improving quality and service while strengthening the bond between the Farmer, the Miller, and the Baker.




  • Pristine Sea - Real Salt comes from an ancient sea bed, unadulterated by pollutants found in modern day seas.
  • Single Source - We own the salt deposit and control the entire process from the mine to the store shelf.
  • Local - Real Salt comes from right here in the USA, which means less food miles and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Solar Powered - We’ve installed enough solar panels at our Redmond, Utah location to power almost all of our operations there.



Beltex Meats is a whole animal butcher shop. We started in the summer of 2014 at the Farmers Markets in Salt Lake City and Park City with the hope of one day opening a brick and mortar store. The entire community was very supportive and responsive to our products we and soon asking when we would have a store. About a year and a half later, we opened our shop in Salt Lake City.



Wasatch Brewery

In 1988, Greg Schirf proposed another bill to the Utah Legislature making brewpubs legal in Utah and opened the first brewpub at the top of historic Main Street in the resort town of Park City. Wasatch continues to misbehave, turning out naughty beer after naughty beer year after year.




This city, our city, is on the rise, and we’re fanning the flame. We believe in quality over quantity, community over corporate, planet over profit and sweating the small and the big stuff. We roast, grind, brew and repeat. We sip, swish, spit and compare. Our drive to serve the flawless cup of coffee is all consuming and we’ve been known to blur the fine line between aficionados and addicts. We’re humbled by the love and passion of the coffee farmer. We’re inspired by the craft and the quality of the coffee pioneers who came before us. We’re emboldened by the artisanship of devoted roasters and baristas among us. We chose the name Publik because it means, "community." We believe that coffee breeds community and coffee houses are the anchors that ground them. We are Publik Coffee Roasters.




Dana and Mark are artisan chocolatiers. They import exclusive Arriba Nacional beans from a responsibly run plantation in Ecuador. Then they roast, winnow, grind, conch and temper our dark chocolate to perfection and deliver it to you for your individual chocolate experience. Dana is an accomplished coffee roaster for almost two decades and brings her nuanced palate and expertise in coffee roasting to their Farm to Bar chocolate experience. Mark, a twenty-year educator, shares their knowledge so that others can experience the pleasure and health benefits of savoring extraordinary dark chocolate.